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Brooklyn-Born, Latin America-Based, Globally Oriented

We are a digital solutions company dedicated to empowering your business journey.

Pixel506 is the digital division of 10pearls, an acclaimed global digital innovation agency. Our expert teams in the United States, Costa Rica, UK, Peru, Colombia, and Pakistan craft tailored, innovative solutions for impactful organizational changes. We specialize in solving your digital challenges creatively, infusing your business with creativity and technology, driving growth in areas such as brand, customer experience, and technological strategy.

We simplify technology by design

Our managed service model is simple, we allocate dedicated teams to work with our clients. We assemble multi-function teams consisting of UX, UI, Development, and Quality assurance governed by agile methodologies. The team works directly with a point of contact, either a Project Manager or Product Owner. And off we go. We use agility to deliver products on time.

We work with you to make both you and your clients happy.


Our cutting edge technological strategies and solutions enable your brand to thrive in a fast-paced world. We use agile methods and distributed teams for successful processes and digital transformations.


Our creative teams bring to life rich brand identities that serve your business. We understand the importance of brand communication, visuals, and multi-channel approaches. We make sure every detail of your brand is in place and pixel perfect.


It’s about partnership. Together, we analyze your toughest challenges and find optimal solutions to grow your brand. With technological evolutions, we provide innovative solutions and long term strategies that will propel your brand forward with confidence.

Digital Marketing

We combine creative storytelling, brand-centric strategies, and technology to put your brand front and center. We combine technologies such as AI to ensure that your marketing reaches its target audience.

One of a kind

Why we’re different:


Hiring Pixel506 is different. We’re not your average technology software firm. We’re not just any old marketing agency. We’ve found the sweet spot where technology empowers creativity.
We work with Agile methodologies and dedicated teams for every project. And we commit to your 100% satisfaction every step of the way.


What our clients are saying:

Who can tell you better about partnering with Pixel506 rather than our clients? So, let them do the talking.

"I love the full-service support that Pixel506 provides. It was great to have a full team to support us in everything; from copy to design to SEO to brainstorming."

Alex De los Reyes

Marketing Manager

Case Studies

  • Development, UX/UI Design

    McDermott, Will & Emery

  • Development, UX/UI Design

    Lombardy Hotel

  • Development, UX/UI Design








How to Create High-Converting Landing Pages

A short guide brought to you by Pixel506

This guide will help you learn how to make successful landing pages by: 

  • Identifying your landing page goal  
  • Tailoring your landing page to your audience 
  • Finding your value proposition and how to communicate it 
  • Understanding which design elements will make your landing page effective  
  • Knowing how to use SEO optimization to improve your traffic 
  • Learning how to optimize your landing page for mobile devices 
  • Using analytics to monitor your page

Exploring the Potential of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Your Business

In recent years, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have gained popularity due to their benefits in terms of accessibility, speed, and engagement. With PWA software development, businesses can offer a mobile experience that functions like an app, without needing to install or download anything onto your device. In this article, we'll explain what PWAs are, how they work, and how they can benefit your business.  

Marketing & UX/UI Design

Writing for Marketing vs Writing for UX

Writing for marketing and writing for user experience (UX) are two distinct types of writing that serve different ends. They are often confused because they both work with the written word and are communication skills. This is not to say that there’s never overlap or complementary confluences, but mostly they’re two very separate styles of writing.   

Each style of writing can be defined and dissected according to its purpose or goal. Below we’ve outlined the main processes in writing for UX vs marketing writing.

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