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Infographics are a interesting way to get information to your followers on social media.


I’m not going to lie to you. I love infographics. They are probably my number one favorite ways to market content. Let’s look at a definition.

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A visual image, such as a chart, diagram, icons, or other graphics, to represent information or data.

Infographics are the middle ground between a long piece of content and a simple graphic, like an ad or meme. They are short, yet informative. Easy to read, yet helpful. Straightforward, yet attractive. It’s the best of all worlds!

And now, between digital marketing, graphic design, and content creation companies and all of the great infographic-making tools online, you too can utilize infographics to market your content.


Use infographics to summarize an article or video you created. Define the introduction, main points, and conclusion. Write them out in concise language for the infographic. A lot of people don’t have time to read a whole article or watch a whole video, so the summary graphic can be a great way for those followers to get the important points, at the very least.

Example: A summary infographic of this article will have a sentence or less of introduction, a short phrase for each of the 4 main uses, and a short conclusion or call to action at the end.


You can use infographics to show steps in a process. This works great for tutorial style content where there is a clear step 1, 2, 3, and 4. Just make sure the graphic makes it very clear what the order is and use language that is straightforward and understandable, or else, what’s the point?

Example: A process infographic that describes the steps of starting to work with a digital marketing agency would include steps like: Get to know each other, Analyze client need, Send proposal, etc.


Do you want a cool and attractive way to do an idea dump? This is the perfect tool for that! A lot of time people won’t read a huge list. If you create an infographic with handy icons or images, then you can write down a ton of ideas and actually get people to read them. Your ideas will probably even be easier to understand in this form because your icons/images will tie into the different ideas and aid in quick comprehension.

Example: We could create an infographic of all of our ideas of kinds of posts to put on Instagram. (Let’s face it, we probably will make that infographic some day).


If you want to show your followers and customers all of the options they have for a service or product, then infographics work well too. Again, people will get bored with a list, but an infographic can keep them paying attention.

Example: An infographic like this for a software company might include all of the different programming languages or kinds of websites they can help you with.


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