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Front-End Developer

We are looking for a skilled front-end developer to join our development for a short-term project (4 to 5 months tops). In this role, you will be responsible for redesigning an entire website. You will also be responsible for profiling and improving front-end performance and documenting our front-end codebase.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar field
  • 4+ years experience with Angular/Reactjs
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and front-end languages
  • Hands-on experience with Rest API
  • Experience with user interface design
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Good project management skills
  • Critical thinker with problem-solving skills


  • Writing tested and documented JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Make design and technical decisions for Angular/Reactjs projects within all standards and best practices
  • Ensuring high performance and the best user experience

Bonus Points

  • Webflow experience

Although this position was created for an individual who lives in Costa Rica, remote workers in a similar time zone are also welcome to apply.

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