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Social Media Chaos

Social media chaos is what happens when you have several different people running your social media accounts- when you don’t have a singular social media strategy. Chaos is when everyone has a different idea of how the social media strategy should be that it mixes and confuses all of the messages. Followers get all different kinds of posts, messages, and visual styles.

This is bad because it confuses your followers. They get both internal and external targeting posts. They get different styles and tones, which results in a follower that doesn’t really know what the brand is. Maybe different departments want to emphasize different services. And without organization this also confuses followers.

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Social Media Organization

In order to be completely on the same page, you’re going to need one person, or one unified department, to decide the social media strategy. You need a singular social media strategy. This person or department needs to create the over all strategy, including goals, visuals, message, branding, and other posting logistics like schedule, frequency, and ad campaign schedules.

All ideas and posts should be aligned with the central strategy. Any deviations should go through the central marketing person/department.

If you need to have all of those different kinds of posts, then your central social media lead will have to find a way around it. These posts can include internal and external, different vastly different departments, or  href="">different regions/languages. You might have to separate your social media profiles to avoid sending confusing messages.

Social Media Success

Social media success is when everything fits together perfectly. It’s when all posts and pieces work together under one umbrella strategy, which means everything works under one brand. Success is when all followers get a unified message, understand what the company is about, and are invested in following the brand. And this doesn’t happen when your followers are confused with mixed messages.

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