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Making notes related the user journey and their caracteristics.

Proactive marketers convert more leads than reactive marketers. One great way to be a proactive marketer is by creating user journey maps. These maps allow the business to understand where the customer should go in order for the customer to:

  • be converted
  • engage with the brand
  • or come back for more services and products

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Proactive Marketers Know The Trends

The marketing team has to be proactive. You need to know where the trends are going and what the new emerging technologies you’ll see in the future. Knowing what design methods are going to be effective will improve your product or service. It will also help you continue to interest and engage your customers. Even the names of existing methodologies change as they are developed and you have to be on top of that so that you’re speaking the same language as your users.

They Know Their Customer's Pains

You also have to be proactive with your user journey mapping in order to know what pains users might have at any point of their journey with your company. This lets you solve them before users actually face them. This leads to fewer confused and frustrated customers.

They Plan Pre-Engagement And Post-Engagement

You have to be proactive with pre-engagement in knowing where users are going to be and what they are going to be looking for.

You have to be proactive with post-engagement and thinking how to constantly improve and add to your product and services to give users a reason to keep coming back for more.

Mapping the user journey, before you start any design or development and definitely before you start any implementation, allows you to get ahead of the user and tailor their journey to what they need and want.

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    1. Stay ahead of digital and design trends
    2. Predict customer pains
    3. Plan pre-engagement
    4. Prepare post-engagement

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