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What Constitutes A Trend?

A trend is defined as a collective behaviors that express a need, a belief, or an attitude. It is highly visible as far as consumption, repetition, diffusion, acceptance, and the creation of fake copies. Trends generate signs and consumption patterns represented by styles, behaviors, products, or services at the global level.

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How Can We Detect Trends?

The main way to find trends is to look for human behaviors and attitudes that are actively changing. We also look for changes in the use of products and services on a popular level.

Being attentive to the presence of trends, even in other industries and geographic areas, is key. Shoe trends became popular in Argentina, years before they came to other countries in Latin America. The music that is popular in Costa Rica often travels to the United States as party music years later. People in North America borrow trends from Japan and other Asian countries all of the time. Just because it isn’t a trend in your country, doesn’t mean it won’t get there eventually. And if you want to stay on top, or even predict, changes in trends, then you need to pay attention to the wider picture.

There are two ways we commonly detect trends. Their names are unorthodox, but you will see what they mean when you learn about them.


“Coolhunting” refers to the act of going out and looking for trends. You do this by searching for signs that prove the presence of consumption patterns in the market. This first step is just observation, but you need to have good intuition, ability to associate, and analysis skills, in order to distinguish what is a trend and what isn’t. With this method, you are looking for the “cool” in the world.


On the other hand, “nethunting” refers to the search of signs and patterns on the web (also known as the net). Trends can be found through research of blogs, articles, websites, and social media. The process is the same as the previous one- observing, analyzing, and detecting any patterns or changes in the global market.

Detecting Trends- In Application

Working with trends has become a vital strategy in any industry in order to consistently develop new assets, like services and products. Trends aren’t just for fashion. They are crucial for any industry, as all industries need to stay on top of what their users want and need. It is important to focus on trends when creating products or services, since these should be able to adapt and evolve quickly based on market changes. This ability for rapid change, based on trends, is necessary for your product, service, brand, or project to be successful, scalable, and to last the test of time.

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