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Brooklyn Natives

NYC born and Latin American based, we achieve outstanding results by combining American standards of excellence with the talents of our employees in nearshore LATAM Centers. This combination gives us a unique global perspective on user experience, digital marketing, software design, and development, allowing our brands to engage natively for US and LATAM audiences.

If we were a restaurant, our tables would be in New York, our cuisine in Latin America


How to Market Content on Facebook

Facebook is definitely the most popular place to market your content. But it’s not enough to just through links to your blog posts and leave it at that. You need a strategy if you are going to market content on Facebook.

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What’s Important to Us

We stand by our values. We care about our people. We give every client our all and go above and beyond to get the job done right. We stand in our clients’ shoes and we always choose to do the right thing. We stay curious. We keep it simple. We speak up and act with transparency.

01. Our people come first

The well-being of our team members takes priority. If they’re doing well, we’re doing even better.

02. We make it fun

We know that business is stressful, but your interactions with us at Pixel506 shouldn’t be. We promise not only to keep your project on track and deliver outstanding results but also to make the process enjoyable from start to finish.

03. We stand in other people’s shoes

We make an effort to see things from where others stand, this includes our clients as well as our team members. We do the right thing.

04. We do the right thing

Integrity is binary: you either have it or you don’t. We’ve chosen to be transparent in all our dealings, internal as well as external.

05. We give it our all

No matter what we’re doing, we always go the extra mile and deliver excellence.

06. We stay hungry

There’s always something new to discover and learn! We dare to take risks and challenge the status quo.

07. We keep it simple

Solving problems is all about bringing perspective to a situation and coming up with solutions in a practical way.

08. We speak up

We communicate honestly with each other; it’s the only way to go if we’re to be on the same page.

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